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Our team develop customized recruitment solutions based on specific needs of your business. We support people and organizations to unlock their true potential.

During recruitment process lifecycle, we keep all parties fully informed, providing feedback to agreed timescales.

Our commitment to you continues after the appointment of your new team member as. We follow up the progress to ensure that both side have taken the right decisions and advantages of our services.

Navigating the HR landscape can feel like you`re lost in the woods.

We navigate your team through those tough areas of HR that require careful planning, strategy and documentation: Workforce Planning, Training & Development, Performance
Management, Compensation & Benefits Management.

An in-depth understanding of your candidate personae and the competitive environment of your industry places us as a trusted advisor in the design of your great content and digital
strategy, for a successful marketing plan.

Our mission is to link your brand and its target audience through powerful messages, creative design and attractive job advertising, that sinks deep into the customer’s mind.

Yes, that’s right, we can be your brand ambassador.

In today’s fast paced environment many people have put their mental and physical wellbeing on hold, however, we at Destination Workplace value the importance of mental wellbeing and believe it is the key to workplace success. Which is why we have provided a team of knowledgeable individuals with proven experience in the field of mental health to help companies ensure their employees with the best possible care. Destination Workplace has prepared online individual or group coaching sessions, virtual team-building activities, as well as regular feedback to the management to help build a stronger, more stable work environment, all while putting the employees’ wellbeing at the heart of the business culture.

Teamwork is highly valued in a professional setting and building a strong team is the engine that drives a company to prosperity. Now more than ever, as the home office system is being widely implemented, team building has become severely challenging both for employers and employees, posing a risk on the workflow. Which is why we at Destination Workplace came up with a few Home-Office Online Activities, such as mind-developing games and quizzes, to help co-workers with stress, focus, communication, and most importantly— bonding. Tailored precisely to the team’s needs, the activities provide an unforgettable and highly interactive teamwork experience, which breaks the routine and creates a positive, focused and effective work space.