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How healthy lifestyle impacts our productivity at work?

How do we feel each time we hear about a “healthy lifestyle”? Everyone has different perception. Some people see the “healthy lifestyle” as just another modern trend, others see it as the only possible way of living or having the belief that “healthy” is zone assigned just for athletes and 20-year-old models. Such lifestyle actually takes many forms and could be integrated into our personal life by perfectly fitting our beliefs and priorities.

First, we can define healthy as this desirable condition of mind and feeling for our body, where we have access to our full capacity and capability, we feel good doing things, we have energy and we experience feelings such as happiness, joy, gratitude, and appreciation, and it concerns our physique, mind and soul. The lifestyle that we have adopted is constantly affecting the quality of our life, thus with bigger energy reserve we can focus better, be more productive and creative, innovative, and decisive. We can aim and reach higher than we had yesterday.

The shortest way to get there, is to reevaluate our habits and adapt them to our daily routine. So, no matter if we work in an office or at home, we are constantly on the run. Therefore, we need to think about all our habits that are good for our health and those that have negative impact.

Hydration.  Usually as the day goes by, we do not consume a sufficient amount of water simply because we forget. An easy solution could be to always have a bottle of fresh water nearby. In the offices with a water dispenser, only because it provides the option to have water, 58% of the employees will drink 70% more than the water they drink when they are not in the office. Water is not just a liquid but a unique molecule required for all the processes that take place inside our body, such as blood circulation and metabolism. Every cell, tissue, and organ in your body needs water to work properly. We can always get a reusable bottle with our favorite color, we can make it more interesting by adding a lemon slice or other fruits, mint leaves or any aromatic herbs of our pleasing.

Staying hydrated is one of the easiest ways to stay healthy during stressful times. Usually when we want to focus better and be more productive, we will choose caffeinated drinks, rich in sugar, expecting that they will keep us at high production rate. This does not work so well in the long term. Our brain consists of between 70% to 80% water and dehydration could lead to bad concentration and will negatively affects the cognitive performance. On average we aim for 8 glasses of water. Of course, we should also take into account the daily activity rate, especially intense physical activity.

Nutrition habits. Our food choices have a serious impact on our health and our productivity rates. The human body functions through the active performance of several major body systems. They require serious amount of energy that we mostly obtain from our diet. Quality and quantity of food is essential and it can seriously impair your productivity or it can lead you towards your best performance. When we consider the factors that affect our workplace productivity, actually we rarely think about food.

Including more fresh fruits and vegetables, that are rich in vital nutrients is directly linked with higher production of dopamine, the neurotransmitter that plays a key role in motivation and engagement. Foods rich in antioxidants will support our overall health and in particular they can contribute towards improved memory, learning new things easier, better focus and can even boost our mood. Consuming nutrients rich food is not just healthy for our body, it is also beneficial for the mind. Our diet has serious impact on our productivity and at the end it is more about replacing the unhealthy foods with their healthy alternatives.

Physical Activity has a direct effect over our productivity. We can say that healthy body often equals healthy mind. Physical exercise stimulates our blood circulation, leads to endorphin release, boosts our mood and makes us feel more energized. This provides more energy, both for our body and mind and directly increases our productivity. People engaged with sports discipline suffer less from stress on the workplace, manage their time better, learn faster and more easily achieve higher performance in their daily activities. When we cannot commit to sport discipline, we shall never forget that even a 30-minute walk will be highly beneficial, as excercise is another form of food for our brain.

Prioritize and set goals. Be clear with your duties and acknowledge in full details how long it will take you to accomplish them. This will save you the stress from racing with time and running after your schedule. Setting clear goals is the first step to achieving everything we aim for.

To begin, take on the task that will be the easiest to solve. Seeing the result of your actions and the idea for accomplishment will give you a sort of instant gratification and will allow you to continue with more confidence, motivation and enthusiasm with your following duties.

Then, when you are well conditioned, continue with the most important and time-consuming assignments.

Reward yourself for every success. Job well done shall be recognized and it deserves a reward. Celebrating the big wins is very important and recognizing all the small steps that brought us to this success is even more important.

Relax and live in the present. We can only do our best. There will always be things that we shall accept, while never forgetting that our efforts will be rewarded at the right moment. Every 90 or so minutes, your brain deserves a small break. This is great chance to take a deep breath, to stop for a second and think about all the good things that you have in your life.